Why I heart Zipcar

Completely aside from the amazing convenience of being able to rent a car (that’s kept just a few blocks away from my apartment) for a couple of hours whenever I need, they have fantastic customer service. I had a billing problem that just got solved in 3 minutes and 18 seconds, and half of that was probably spent listening to the telephone menu options. Awesome.

This is in marked contrast to Planned Parenthood, with whom I have been trying to resolve a billing issue since mid-January. They’re not even returning my calls at this point. Thanks.

2 thoughts on “Why I heart Zipcar

  1. It is nice to hear that Zipcar is keeping people happy. I’d heard rumor that they may be moving out of Baltimore. Something gone sour with the JHU contract or someone’s not making enough money with it. That would be a great loss to our ‘hood. But perhaps as best an illustration as any that non-profit car-sharing is the way to go. A plug for my old employer: the non-profit City CarShare in SF/Oakland is celebrating its 7th anniversary this month.

  2. Oh no! I hope that’s not true. They just finished the changover from Flexcar a couple of months ago. I’m not a heavy user, but it’s so helpful to know the option is there.

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