Public Relations Librarians

We seem to be scarce — the listservs I’ve found appear to be all but dead, and I’m not coming up with much when I poke around online looking for us. I know there are more librarians out there whose primary duties (or a significant part of their job) are public relations and marketing at their library. Are you out there? I would love to be in touch with you, either informally or maybe setting up a Google Group or reviving one of the lists I’ve found.

Personally, I’m especially interested in talking to public relations librarians at academic libraries. Most of the literature I’ve found focuses on special and public libraries, and while some of the information and ideas might still work, I think there are additional opportunities and concerns in an academic library setting.

2 thoughts on “Public Relations Librarians

  1. I am in charge of marketing/public relations at my library. I’m still rocking the public library, but I might have an idea or two…

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