Update on BPL's Flickr project

My friend Michael at BPL emailed this morning with an update on the BPL’s Flickr project. They’ve loaded a bunch more collections (including some awesome old New England postcards), and enabled tagging & commenting.

Jessamyn beat me to the punch* and posted the whole rundown (Michael emailed the two of us because we both posted it — Jessamyn originally picked it up from me, which is weird but cool) so I’ll just link to her post.

I just think this whole project is so cool, and I’m psyched that I know the librarian responsible! The images are just fantastic and it’s so exciting that the number of people who will see them is just going to explode because they’re up online in such an easily accessible way.

I’m already scheming about what sort of project I can make with the images of these postcards. I think it’d be cool to frame a little series of them or something. Go here to check them out.

* I was on the reference desk when I got Michael’s email, and just afterwards got three simultaneous questions through our virtual chat reference system. Three! At once! That kept me busy for a while.