Chain survey


1. Ten years ago I was: To the day, quite possibly rehearsing for my high school graduation, or at Baccalaureate or Class Day. I could try to look up the date but I know it was early June. [ETA 6/9: Mom says: “You actually graduated on June 5, 1998. So on June 8th ten years ago, you would have been ‘recovering’ from all the graduation hub-bub.”]

2. Five things on today’s to do list: work on suggestions for changes to basic English Lit library instruction class. work on next week’s reference desk schedule. try to come up with something to post to the library blog. post pictures from Sox @ O’s. feverishly knit on never-ending afghan.

3. Things I’d do if I were a billionaire: Pay off my student loans and my close friends’ student loans. Pay my parents back the money they loaned me (a loan they forgave) after college graduation. Buy a Vespa. Buy new cars for a couple of people. Probably buy a house for myself. Make a big donation to the Hospice of the North Shore.

4. Three bad habits: easily irritated, difficult to re-motivate myself once bored for too long, weakness for chocolate cake

5. Six places I’ve lived: Baltimore, MD; Somerville, MA; Brighton, MA; Boston, MA; Douglas, MA. That’s actually it. I don’t have a sixth (though I have lived in more than six apartments/houses/dorm rooms). And really, three of those places barely count as being separate.

6. Six jobs I’ve had in my life: librarian, grad school tech support, ticket seller, writer/editor/copyeditor, college yearbook nerd, grocery store cashier.