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I’ve been using Firefox 3 for a couple of days at work, and so far I like it. The default design looks a little different, which is always initially weird, but I’m used to it now and it’s grown on me. Luckily, almost all of my add-ons (at least at work, haven’t installed at home yet) are working. The one exception is Morning Coffee. I assume the guy who wrote it just didn’t start on the FF3 version early enough, so I’m just going to wait until it’s updated.

One new thing that I’m not sure I like is the “awesome bar,” which drops down from the address bar and suggests URLs for you to select as you type. Basically, the awesome bar will learn what sites you visit and how frequently, and will, for example, display “Google” as the first choice if you type a “g” in the address bar. It will also look at your bookmarks to pull potential selections, both based on the URLs and the tags you’ve associated with your bookmarks. (Sounds like you can type a tag in the address bar and the awesome bar will display all the bookmarks associated with that tag.)

I’m going to play around with this, but I’m not sure it’s for me. I’m at a point where most of my very-frequent bookmarks are in the bookmarks toolbar, and most of my other bookmarks are in But, while mucking around catching up on some old feeds, I went to check out Demo Girl, and lo and behold she points to a video from CNET in which one of their editors tells you how to turn off the feature. (It’s a simple change in about:config.) So, if that’s bugging you, go ahead and disable the feature.

Speaking of Demo Girl, she’s posted a screencast tour of Firefox 3 that you can check out. She covers the new features, a lot of which seem to have to do with bookmarking. I picked up a couple of new keyboard shortcuts from her screencast (she said that some of the ones she covered were new to FF3, others were not, so this might be old news for some of you):

  • ctrl-L to move your cursor to the address bar
  • ctrl-K to move it to the search box
  • I knew that ctrl-t will open a new tab, but not that ctrl-w would close it, and that ctrl-shift-t will reopen a closed tab.

One thought on “Firefox 3

  1. I’ve pretty much decided on using for my bookmarks. I’ve looked at Twine, though. (It’s not really working great yet. If you want an invite, ask. (It’s the first “semantic web” app, sort of.))

    So, I’m not sure if Firefox 3 is worth it for me.

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