June 24: GardenI had a basil plant last summer, and I really enjoyed being able to pull off a few leaves whenever I wanted some fresh basil. I knew I wanted to do that again this year, and I also got some cilantro (which took two tries, but seems to be doing OK now). I’ve also added 5 cherry tomato plants from Paul — they were growing wild after an incident last summer which involved his planting way, way too many tomatoes to eat (or so I’m told).

The cherry tomatoes I finally repotted on Tuesday, after having returned from my weekend in Philadelphia to find them much larger than I expected. I had pulled the plants inside while I was gone, in hopes that they’d dry out more slowly, and that seemed to work pretty well. Except for the part where it didn’t deter the tomatoes’ growth. I had figured I’d repot them this weekend, but when I wound up leaving work at 3:30 I decided I’d try to take care of it then. I struck out on finding pots at Falkenhan’s (though I did discover that they sell city recycling bins!), but a woman at Village Flower Mart was kind enough to rummage around in the attic and find a couple of suitable plastic pots for me. I was so happy with my interaction with them, because she didn’t try to upsell me or anything — as soon as she understood what I was going to do with them, she said “oh, so you don’t want anything decorative, just the cheap plastic ones, right?” Right!

Now I’m thinking about what else I might add to my little garden. not that I have a whole lot of room left. I can do a couple more pots before I will a) have difficulty getting the bike out and b) run out of room for myself to sit out there. At some point I’ll get a thai pepper (scroll down to the tiny one) from one of my coworkers.  Of course, at this time of year I might just want to keep an eye out at the farmer’s market to see if anyone is still bringing seedlings, and pick from what’s already started. I should probably start a list for next year — it’d be neat to do beans if I’m somewhere that would work. And I seem to recall reading somewhere that garlic will grow pretty much anywhere, so I might look into that.

Container gardening books seem to focus on herbs and then uber-large pots (like, the kind you put out in your yard, fill & plant in them, and never move because they’re way too heavy), so if anyone has suggestions, I’d love to hear ’em.

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  1. You should also check out Mill Valley Garden Center at 28th and Sisson. They have lots of pots (from the cheap plastic ones to multi-colored ceramic ones) of all sizes. Also, they have some seedlings I think — although mostly flowers. We like tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers for a container garden mostly because they all give a high yield for small surface area. Don’t even think about lettuce, where you’d have to devote a whole pot for just one head. Not worth it, imho. Although we do grow some arugula because it’s expensive and you can seed it really thickly (like across the entire surface area of a pot). Also, start a worm compost bin! Our plants have never been happier.

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