The month in books: June

Here’s what I completed in June. Links below take you to my reviews on

June was a month of re-reading — of the six, three are ones I’ve read at least once before (Huxley & Eggers). And I enjoyed “The Host” enough to encourage you to at least consider reading it. And by consider, I mean go to a library or bookstore, get it off the shelf, and do whatever it is you do to determine if you want to read a random book or not. (I dip into different spots in the book and read a few paragraphs. If I want to keep going I know I’m leaving with it.)

2 thoughts on “The month in books: June

  1. I read a heartbreaking work of staggering genius after falling for egger’s “Best American Non-Required Reading Series”. If you haven’t picked those up yet, you should. I discovered some great new authors through them.

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