Sorry, Nick

I swear I hit publish on this last week! Grumble grumble.

I’m changing back to a summary-only feed to see if this cuts down on the content scraped from here and dumped on one of several spam blogs (all hosted at the same IP) that seem to have found me. This is one of those things where a defensive posture is your best bet.

If you get annoyed by this — for example, if the site regularly loads slowly for you — please speak up. I’m open to changing to a lighter-weight theme. This one stopped working anyway*, so it’s no big loss.

* I think it’s probably a PHP problem since daily blog posting won’t work either, but I don’t quite know enough about what I’m doing to be able to fix it.

2 thoughts on “Sorry, Nick

  1. Booo! I don’t know who nick is, but I’m a huge supporter of full postings now. Viigo is my main aggregator, and I prefer being able to read posts when there’s no internet access.

  2. Yeah. I know you’re not alone in that. But I’m just not really willing to have my words used to earn adsense income for someone else, especially since I don’t even have ads here. Sorry!

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