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While I’m away from the computer this weekend (living my life of no internet at home the place I happen to live at the moment, which has fallen out of favor) I’d like to gather your opinions on XM radio and any recommendations/warnings/resources regarding the hardware. I’d be using it at home and don’t want to spend a fortune. I’m not that taken with any of the receivers reviewed on CNet at the moment, so I want to throw it out to the crowd before I just start hitting Google.

In totally unrelated news, today I listened to the podcast of a really interesting interview: Mike Myers on Fresh Air. Also, Alton Brown was on NPR Books at the end of March. I heart that guy. (Look what Danielle found today! I thought that was a celebrity chef custom order!)

Somehow I never seem to catch any of the NPR shows I actually like on WYPR. Podcasting FTW!

2 thoughts on “XM Radio Opinions

  1. Well, as you know, I am an XM subscriber, because they have all the MLB games. I’m pretty happy with it, although I wish that they offered both home and away feeds during the regular season (but can understand why they don’t). During the post-season you do get both home and away announcers, which is good.

    My receiver is the XM Sportcaster, which comes intended for use in the car, but you can get a home kit for it for about $20. I have sort of a makeshift setup where I use the Sportscaster to broadcast the channel I want on an FM frequency, which I then pick up using my ancient boom box. This works fairly well, although sometimes I do get some cross-talk.

    To get good reception, you’ll need a window with a clear view of the sky. I think the instructions specify a south-facing window, but I think the clear view is what’s really important. At my apartment (which had very few windows) the growth of the live oaks and their leaves caused my reception to suffer a bit, but at the new house I haven’t had any problems. I had no problems getting good reception from my old third-floor apartment back in Mass, either.

    I pretty much use it solely for baseball, although I do hear a lot of promos for other shows on it that sound good. I’ve occasionally listened to a few of the music channels and been pretty happy with them.

    I’m not sure whether I’ll end up keeping the XM radio in the long run now that I have a reliable internet connection at home, since MLB offers Gameday Audio with both home and away feeds.

  2. I too enjoy the XM for the MLB, but I also enjoy their other content as well (in particular: CNN or ESPN radio for the drive in the AM, 47 ETHEL for rocking out and 113 XM POPS for classical.)

    My receiver is built into my car, but I also parlez their Internet audio.

    Continuing your unrelatedness, I also heart the AB!

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