Round up: Cool new stuff

Some neat things I’ve found lately but can’t necessarily vouch for as I haven’t used all of them:

  • Anyvite: Evite – required accounts for invitees (+ social/photosharing tech!). via Demo Girl.
  • The Bicycle Tutor: Video tutorials for bike repair. Now if only I had the tools and the space . . . via Googling to learn more about shifting.
  • Wirewize: Customized explanation of how to hook up YOUR A/V system. Someday when I have more than two components this might help. via Lifehacker.
  • Bikely: User-submitted bike routes. Via Googling for (nonexistent?) Baltimore City bike map of marked routes.
  • GMaps Pedometer: Not new, but I love this & Bikely made me think of it. Go against the flow of traffic! Cut across parks willy-nilly!
  • GMail is apparently rolling out a new feature that will allow you to see if you are logged in somewhere else, and remotely disconnect. Helpful for those of us who bounce between computers. via Lifehacker. Also, did you know you can put filters on your outgoing GMail? Neat.

One thought on “Round up: Cool new stuff

  1. Just wanted to clarify that invitees to anyvite events do not have to be registered or have an account with anyvite to view the event information, respond to the invite, leave comments, invite additional guests, or add pics/video. We aim to provide as much functionality to invited guests as possible without requiring registration 🙂

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