Is it asking too much that there be a reasonably-priced and reasonably-located transportation option between Baltimore and NYC?

I can either take Amtrak for $200 from the easy-to-get-to Baltimore Penn Station, or MegaBus for $40 from the difficult-to-get-to-without-a-car White Marsh Park & Ride. Oh, or I can take Amtrak for $100, but in order to do that I get less than 24 hours with my friends. I have checked Amtrak’s prices to Newark and New Rochelle but they’re the same as going to NYC. EKW suggested trying SEPTA to Trenton, and then NJ Transit into the city, but a train round-trip to Philly at a reasonable hour is $100 (at the moment, at least). So then to add on SEPTA and NJ Transit fares, I’m not sure the savings would be worth the hassle. I have even gone so far as to check one-way car rentals and flights.

I just don’t understand why Amtrak is so expensive. If it weren’t for a couple of other upcoming trips involving flights, hotels and rental cars (split with others, but still), plus the flight home for Christmas which I need to buy soon, I wouldn’t be agonizing about this so much.

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  1. What about The busses leave from just north of penn station (North Ave and Charles) and it’s only $20 one-way.

  2. Thanks, Nick! It’s a decent price and I can get there, I can’t believe it.

    Paul, the fare sale link isn’t working, but if it’s the one from the Amtrack homepage, you have to arrive at your destination by 10:30 am on Saturday, and leave by 10:30 am on Sunday. Boo.

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