This was news to me, but apparently is being redesigned, and that redesign is about ready to debut. One thing to note: they’re asking that everyone make note of their login info, as when they update with the new design, everyone will be logged out and will have to log back in. So, go check on that.

Also, my MacBook is here. “Here” as in sitting in my office right behind me here and I have only opened the shipping box and peered inside. A cute FedEx guy brought it this morning. I have things to do at work now, so Willpower is currently set at “iron” in order to avoid throwing the rest of my workday off track. (Normally it is set at “silly putty,” all the better to take advantage of any passing cupcakes.) I cannot wait to get home and I am psyched that tomorrow I work the evening shift — that means I can play all morning. (So much for that bike ride.)

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  1. The update to took so long because when Yahoo bought them they had to port all the perl code to php which was no easy task. At least that is what I understand to be the reason why it too so long for it to get an UI update.

    Oh and they also acquired: (although it just re-directs to the old URL is is still easier for the majority of people to type in)

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