Fairfield Beach

If you’re reading blogs right now, you probably have 15 minutes to watch “Fairfield Beach,” a choose your own adventure video from the Fairfield University Library. This got sent around today by the associate director (though it’s dated ’07, and probably got sent around some listservs while I was stressing my way through the last semester of library school). We’ve been having some conversations about it here and there today at my library, and I want to know what other people think of it.

One of the things we were wondering was what the purpose of the video was. There was lots of speculation and I finally did the unthinkable and IM’d a librarian at Fairfield and asked. Gasp! (Vacation day tomorrow = extra sarcastic this afternoon, apparently.) They use it at the beginning of instruction sessions for their Freshman composition classes, to get the students a little more engaged in the topic. The video sets the scene for the library as a friendly, helpful, non-intimidating place (something I definitely could have used as an undergrad), and throws in enough cues to library instruction topics that the librarian can use the video to springboard into teaching those topics.

I couldn’t help but think about our equivalent Freshman literature instruction classes, and how difficult (impossible?) I find it to get even a couple of the students to really engage in the lesson. Anything that can entertain the students enough to get them to pay attention would be helpful, and this strikes me as just the kind of thing that would do it.