Congratulations Times Two

New coupleCongratulations to Bill & Andrea, who got married this weekend in Meredith, Colorado, at Norrie Colony, where Bill’s family has had a cabin since 1940.The whole area — the Fryingpan River Valley — is just gorgeous. It’s way up in the mountains, about an hour away from Aspen. The GSLIS contingent at the wedding is already making plans to return for a vacation in a couple of years.

Apparently, there’s nothing quite like a country wedding (except maybe a faeries & jedis wedding, but I didn’t know Sparkle J & JeT yet). We sat on hay bales, and the backdrop was miles of mountains and sky. It was a lovely, informal ceremony (take a look at the photo of Andrea and her parents walking down the aisle) for a wonderful pair. I’m so glad I was invited!

At the moment only photos of the ceremony itself are up on Flickr – more to come, though, including some hikes and reception shenanigans.

Congratulations are also due to Darius & Ellen, who marked their first anniversary on Monday. I still can’t believe I missed their wedding . . . actually more than that, I can’t believe I haven’t seen them since before they were engaged (that would be why there is no photo). We hope to remedy that sometime soon, but wrangling the schedules of a grad student, a travlin’ PR guy and an instruction librarian is no small task.