Coffee milk!

If you’ve not spent a lot of time in Southeastern New England, coffee milk is possibly something that is entirely foreign to you. It’s exactly what it sounds like, though — coffee-flavored milk. As is the case with chocolate or strawberry milk, you can either buy a syrup to keep on hand and make it up yourself, or you can get it in single-serve sizes in the dairy case. It’s the official state drink of Rhode Island, and it’s very much a regional thing. There’s a short article on Wikipedia.

Having grown up in a Massachusetts town on the Rhode Island line, coffee milk is nothing new to me, and I am always surprised when I can’t find it at a Massachusetts grocery store. I hadn’t been looking, but I don’t think I’d seen it anywhere in Maryland (though it’s possible that some stores might stock the syrup.) Today I was randomly at Whole Foods, and was delighted to see that Silk is now making a coffee-flavored soymilk. I grabbed a single serve to try (they also had a quart size), and am thrilled because it’s absolutely delicious. I don’t expect to see this at my Giant anytime soon, but I’ll have to check for it at Superfresh next time I’m over there.

As a side note, this is part of a line of specialty flavors that includes chai, mocha and “spice,” whatever that is.