Best lab ever

This is the computer lab I worked at throughout library school – the Simmons GSLIS Tech Lab. Notice anything peculiar? I would wager that most of us have not seen general-use computer labs that are made up entirely of Macs. It’s not a Mac lab — it’s just the Tech Lab, which supports the library school. These gorgeous dual-boot machines (soon to triple-boot I hear) are greeting the new students.

On the one hand, I wish I was there to see this. On the other hand, I hear that it involved some very late nights on the part of the staff. And also, there will be lots of handholding for the Mac-wary students, and no doubt lots of griping. I do hope that this will at least help those who are not so tech-savvy get over some of their mental blocks about using Macs. They would always look so skeptical when I’d say “it works the same, it just looks different, and I’m paid to help you figure it out.”

Although, this will certainly scare off the non-GSLIS students.

Hey, someone should do a workshop or something. 😉

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GSLIS Tech Lab
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