Cool stuff – August edition

Lots of this was collected from LifeHacker in August – what’s not from LifeHacker is noted.

  • EjectUSB – force programs & processes to let go of your darn flash drive. Windows only.
  • Two from a great post — “Top Ten Printable Paper Productivity Tools.” PocketMod – DIY pocket notebook – this will be perfect when my last cardboard-cover Moleskine hits the recycling bin. Very easy to quickly create your custom version — includes the usual things like calendars and a variety of list types, but also games and a tip calculator. D*I*Y Planner – all kinds of crazy inserts sized to fit a few standard sizes of planner. I’ve gotten out of the habit of using mine regularly (blame GCal), but it still serves as grocery-coupon holder and address book.
  • The WordPress theme directory had stopped taking new submissions a while back, which was really annoying if you didn’t like much of what was posted. They have finally started up a new one, hooray! Check out the new theme directory. via the WordPress blog.
  • Did you know you can turn off the clipboard bar in Office? There’s an options menu down at the bottom of it — I didn’t even notice. Sweet.
  • Iron Chef Secrets Revealed at ABC News. via Not Martha.
  • Do you use Firefox’s password manager? Go turn on the Master Password that protects the stored info.
  • Opt out of getting (some) credit card & insurance offers in the mail. via Consumerist.