I made a change to the settings for commenting on this blog. I had an option checked off to required users to be logged in before they could comment. I’ve turned that off — you will have to provide a name and email address, and the first comment you make with a particular address will be held for moderation. But after that they’ll go up right away.

Thanks to Mr. Darius for pointing this out. I think it’s been like this since I moved over from hosted WP, which was not my intention.

3 thoughts on “Comments

  1. Finally the muzzle of censorship has been removed! I’ve had a few comments on recent posts, but I thought you just didn’t want to know 🙂

  2. I was thinking things had been a little quiet around here. I’m not THAT boring. (Right? Right?!)

    I wonder if that option was re-set or something during my last upgrade, because I can’t imagine I would want to force people to have a WP account to comment. I hate having to have an account for every separate thing I do.

    I will have to keep a closer eye on things like that when I upgrade, I guess.

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