What I Ate for Lunch This Week

I tend to make a big batch of something and then eat from it all week. This week, in the spirit of my pantry challenge, I came up with a couscous-based salad. I started out by working from a recipe I found online — Mediterranean Couscous and Lentil Salad.

In place of arugala, I threw in a can of (rinsed) chickpeas, and I used less feta cheese than I normally would have becuase I only had a little bit available in the fridge. Overall it was good and I’ll make it again, though if I do I think I will modify the dressing a little bit to add some additional zip. A little bit of spice or zing would have improved the dish.

One thought on “What I Ate for Lunch This Week

  1. Sounds delicious! I am working through a vat of chicken-apple soup leftover from the weekend. After that, it’s on to thai tofu. Fingers crossed for some good, hot, curry!!

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