Abby is stuck shelf reading* at her library next week and wants some podcast recommendations. I feel like someone else was asking about this recently, and I have also started trying to find some new ones for the walk to work. Not Martha recently pointed to this Ask MetaFilter post with a bunch of recommendations, and I’ve downloaded a test episode of a few to see how they are. So apparently, podcasts are the new iPhone. Or something.

Recently I have been enjoying (links go to the iTunes store):

I also subscribe to GSLIScast, the podcast of events from my library school. I have grabbed a couple of video podcasts in advance of college hockey season: Boston University Athletics Video Podcast, BU Today Sports Highlights (which may or may not be significantly different) and the College Hockey podcast from CSTV. Not sure how well either of those will work out for me but we’ll see. (As a side note, it makes me sad that when I finally have the time and money, I am so far away that I won’t even be able to watch some of the games on TV, let alone go to any. I just don’t understand why there isn’t something like MLB.TV or Gameday Audio for college hockey. Alums would totally pay for that.)

The Book Review and Gadget Lab podcasts are usually about 15-20 minutes long. The New Yorker podcast can vary — authors are invited to pick a short story from the New Yorker’s archive, read it aloud, and then discuss it with the host. Fascinating. Fresh Air and On Point are generally about 45 minutes, and I pick and choose which ones I listen to based on the descriptions.

For a while in library school I was listening to This Week in Tech, but they go long — like an hour or more, sometimes. I got tired of not being able to finish listening to an entire episode on one leg of my commute to Simmons, which was anywhere from 45 – over an hour door-to-door, depending on the time of day. The Gadget Lab podcast is filling some of that gap, but I still would like to find something that would cover more of the tech news end of the spectrum.

Edited to add: The Simple Dollar posted a list of financial & economics news podcasts just a few days ago.

*Shelf reading is when you systematically go through the stacks to make sure the books are in the correct order. It is not an exciting task.

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  1. I’ve been searching (without much luck) for podcasts that keep me coming back for more. I’ve enjoyed the Brian Lehrer show, from WNYC, which is a good late-morning talk show that focuses mostly on national/world issues and politics but also has a small dose of NYC-oriented news. There are some call-in times, but also really interesting guests and even-handed discussions about meaty topics. Full disclosure: a friend of mine works at the show.

    Also, I’d be remiss not to mention the NPR Concert Series which in general I haven’t found all that good with the exception of the stunning Tom Waits concert which was on a few months back and which I really haven’t stopped listening to.

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