Nerds in love

Posing This weekend, I went to Amelia Island, Florida (about 30 minutes from Jacksonville) for another wedding — my friends Danielle and Paul. They were the first people I became friends with after moving to Baltimore, and I was incredibly happy to be invited to join them on their big day. They got married on the beach near Danielle’s grandmother’s house, and the reception was held at her parents’ house. The weather was just gorgeous for the ceremony — warm and sunny, with a stiff breeze (but not so bad that you got sand in your eyes). The reception was fun, with a delicious dinner, two cakes (love that Southern groom’s cake tradition) and lots of dancing. Here, the happy couple is re-enacting the scene atop their cake, which features Nancy Pearl and Geek Man. (Danielle is a digital services librarian; Paul is a computer security guy.) Click through for photos of the ceremony and the reception. More to come, but I am having trouble uploading photos from my apartment.

Much like Andrea and Bill’s wedding, this was another small, informal celebration. Guests were called in to help carry things to and from the ceremony & reception sites, and I wound up carrying Danielle’s train during the ceremony. Personally, I can’t imagine having a wedding as small as these two (though I can imagine having one as informal). With just my mom & dad’s siblings and their families, you’re already at 26 people — roughly half the size of these two weddings. (I may have caught the bouquet, but as I said to Darra, don’t hold your breath. 😉

Also, would you believe that the cake is from a grocery store? It was delicious!

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