You did, right? Good. So did I. Lines weren’t bad at my polling place this morning around 9am. (I actually waited longer to see my dentist than I did to vote.)

Here’s hoping that the Enoch Pratt Free Library bond issue passes, since part of the money will go specifically to my local branch. (Here’s also hoping that one of the things they do is add wi-fi.)

3 thoughts on “Vote!

  1. While I normally support library issues (and even before i married a lovely librarian) I voted against all the measures to let the city borrow more money. The City Council needs to spend more responsibly not be given a blank check to borrow money. Sorry.

    (oh and I voted against slots too!)

  2. Don’t worry, I am not going to get all annoyingly defensive. I only voted for a select few of the arts/culture/education bond issues, the library being my favorite. I think it’s ridiculous for them to be borrowing this much money right now.

    I also voted against slots but we’ve seen how well that worked out.

  3. Well I’m still mad he voted against the library. I don’t think he understands how public libraries are funded. I understand not voting for stuff that should be supporting itself like the Science Center, Everyman Theater, Aquarium, etc., but not the library!

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