Yes we did

(Unfortunately I can’t figure out the original poster of this image, but my friend Ellen pointed it out at this link.)

Also, maybe I will get this to wear for the inaguration. Here he comes to save the day!

3 thoughts on “Yes we did

  1. Yeah, one of the problems with Tumblr is it makes it REALLY hard to find out where things came from. I spent a few minutes trying to find the souce but then decided I should maybe actually do some work.

  2. You’re going too? It’s not 100% yet, but there’s a good chance I might be going too!! Depends on what the brother can work out.

  3. Oh, I’m not planning on going. I just figured I will be out with friends to watch the swearing in, maybe at a bar or something. Or maybe I will have a few people over to my new place (providing I have had enough time to unpack by then. We’ll see.)

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