Projects, projects, everywhere

Recently, I haven’t been blogging much about my knitting & crochet proejcts. (Seems the last thing I mentioned was an update on my Icelandic Turtleneck.) So, I thought I’d do a quickie update on everything.

  • Icelandic Turtleneck: This is in hibernation, since it’s getting chilly and realistically, I’m not going to wear a short-sleeved sweater anytime soon. (Though given how hot it was in my library the other day, perhaps I should rethink this.) As others before me have found, the sizing runs really big on this for some reason, and when last we met I found that the smallest size, which is what I was making, was still too big. So I ripped it back and had tried again.
  • Labor of Love: This log cabin blanket was finished in July and mailed to Darius & Ellen in August, after my planned trip to see them was canceled. I hear it’s been a hit. This was their wedding gift, which made it in just barely under (I think) the traditional 1-year window. I enjoyed working on this but I’m not sure I will knit another bed-sized blanket anytime soon.
  • Toe-Up Socks: I have been working on these off and on since December ’07 – they are from the “Working Socks from the Toe Up” article in the Summer ’07 Interweave Knits. I have one down and am on my third try at turning the heel on the second. (Turned it successfully yesterday afternoon, only to discover that the second sock was half an inch short. Have ripped back and will try again today.) They are a gift that I think I can finish in time for the holidays, since they are pretty easy knitting once the heel is turned.
  • Felted Messenger Bag: This is from the Crochet Me book. I was so excited about this project, but I’m not happy with how it turned out after felting. The strap got stretched out of shape, the flap is kind of wonky, and overall I’m just not digging it. It’s sitting in my closet, in plain view, and I still haven’t figured out what to do with it. Do I really want to move it again? Not sure. I need to do something with it, though. Maybe I’ll hack it up into coasters or boxes or something.
  • Porphyria wristwarmers (Ravelry): I’ve started these a couple of times and have had to rip back. The first time was just struggling to get the hang of knitting in the round on two circs (which is deadly easy, by the way, once you figure out you need to cast on using the long-tail method, not the backwards loop/I’m lazy method.) One time I wasn’t paying attention and messed up the ribbing; tried again and decided after a few rows they looked too small. I haven’t cast on again yet, but only because I need a little bit of time to sit down and focus, and right now that time is being dedicated to the socks. (Here’s someone else’s finished set on flickr.) The problems are somewhat compounded by the fact that this is fingering weight, which is always harder for me to get started with.
  • Lil’ Monkey Baby Hat & Matching Afghan: This was a pretty quick project I did for my cousin’s baby this summer. A big hit, apparently – the baby’s room is jungle-themed, though I didn’t know that at the time. I picked it because I thought his mom would like the sock monkeys!
  • Of course there are always ballband dishcloths on the needles, or ready to be cast on at a moment’s notice. I find these to be a good mindless project, and they make a great gift.
  • Gloria Cowl: That said, the other day I really wanted a different mindless project, so I looked around in my stash and decided to use some of the Malabrigo merino worsted I got in the SP10 swap to make this cowl. You can’t get much easier than stockinette in the round, and this is going really fast. I need to take if off the needles and try it on, but I’m thinking I might have enough yarn to make two of these from one ball of Malabrigo. We’ll see. (I may also make a stripey version with a nice brown that I have as well – that would make a great Christmas gift.)

I also recently bought yarn to make a February Lady sweater, which I think will be what I work on at home over the holidays. And of course there are a couple of skeins of sock yarn in my stash that I am looking forward to working on.

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