Socks On Friday, I finished knitting my second pair of socks. They took quite a while – I cast them on in December 2007. This was mainly because I got distracted by other projects. Once I picked the second sock back up and turned the heel, it was pretty smooth sailing.

These are a gift, and I am really, really hoping that they fit the recipient. They are a little too small for me, so hopefully they will fit her (that said, I think they might turn out to be a little bit big for her anyway. We’ll see.) I haven’t woven in any of the ends. I don’t know that I will have the strength to rip out the top of both of them and turn the heel again if they are too big, but it would be quick & easy enough to make them a bit shorter if she finds them too tall, or to decrease a bit if they are too big at the top. We’ll see what happens.

Anyway, the yarn is Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in Red Rover, and I used about a skein and a half for the socks. I know a fair number of knitters will go to all kinds of lengths to avoid pooling when using hand-dyed yarns, but I like it.  I like seeing how the colors shift and interact. And it was fantastic to work with. Not at all splitty and very forgiving to being ripped out and reknit a few times (I had trouble with the cast on for both of them, and then I had to turn the heel on the second sock three times before I got it right).

I used US 1 metal DPNs (I think they are Susan Bates), which were barely pointy enough to do the job.  Another annoying thing about those needles is that I only have 4. There are definitely times when it would have been helpful to have 5. I really don’t like working with metal needles that are so small, but at that size I feel like I’m going to break my bamboo sock needles. Maybe it’s worth investing in a set of nicer wooden needles. Anybody out there worked with the Brittany birch needles? Do you get that same “Wow, I am going to snap this right in half” feeling when you knit with them?

The pattern isn’t anything special – it’s just a 4×2 rib over the instep, and then all around the leg, with a 1×1 ribbed cuff. I followed the pattern laid out in Ann Budd’s article “Working Socks From the Toe Up” in the Summer ’07 Interweave Knits. Overall I liked the pattern, but I think I might try a different method to turn the heel next time – this one leaves little holes going diagonally up the side of the heel. The pattern recommends going back with extra yarn and closing them up. (Right. About that . . . )

3 thoughts on “Socks

  1. I’m obsessed with Knit Picks metal DPNs. Ob.sessed. Have thrown over all wooden needles for the metal DPNs frop KP and their Options for circs. Never looked back and have never been happier.

  2. I’ve used the KP Options and I like them, but twice now I’ve had the cable pull out of the metal part with the screw. It must be something in the way I knit.

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