Looking back at 2008

This was a big year for me, so it seems to warrant a backwards look. But I don’t feel like writing a long, reflective essay, so I am stealing an idea from a friend and going for the highlights, list-style. Links will take you to Flickr.

-Spent New Year’s Eve at my apartment in Somerville. Slept in the living room since my furniture was long gone. Was woken up at 9am (along with other revelers) by the new roommate moving in.
-Drove to Philadelphia, and then to Baltimore, with Angela. Watched as landlord had to break into my apartment because he didn’t have the right key, then slept on a (full) air mattress (with Angela) because the movers decided they wouldn’t come that night.
-Started my first job as a professional librarian (and my first salaried, full-time position since I left the Fund in May 2004).
-Spent my first weekend in Baltimore in Philadelphia doing a drive-by of ALA Midwinter.
-Was very relieved to be adopted into a coworker’s circle of friends.

-Laughed my butt off at the local reaction to half an inch of snow and slush.
-Began my campaign to cultiavate a love of roller derby in my Baltimore friends. This didn’t really gain much (any?) traction for several months.

Named a 2008 Library Journal Mover & Shaker.
-Went to Philadelphia for Easter weekend.
-Was told that the reading glasses I’d been wearing since 2000 were no longer necessary.
-Attended my first MeetIn Baltimore event (well, the first one that I knew was a MeetIn event) and my first librarians’ happy hour (which I still have not decided how to punctuate).
-Discovered that one of my uncles was randomly in Baltimore for a few weeks for work, went to dinner with him a couple of times.

-Turned 28!
-Marveled at the fact that spring is apparently an actual season in some places, not just an afterthought between winter & summer.

-Had a quick visit (literally 24 hours) from my Mom & Aunt.
-Went to Boston for a weekend to attend Simmons Commencement exercises. Officially graduated and accepted the Outstanding Information Science Student Award for 2008. Confused Candy with my inability to follow simple instructions.
-Found out my landlord was filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization.
Went to a Sox game at Camden yards with 9 other awesome folks and discovered that another friend was elsewhere in the park. Missed Manny’s 500th home run while on a fruitless search for soft serve ice cream in a plastic hat.
-Spent the rest of that weekend touring around Baltimore with Kristen.
-Started a container garden.

-Got a free bike, which I rode all of three times; also got a giant, floppy straw hat.
-Went to Philadelphia for Angela’s birthday weekend.

-Spent a week’s vacation in Massachusetts, including a day trip to Maine to eat pie on the beach and a trip to the Submarine Force Library and Museum in CT.
-Finally got my MacBook!

Spent a fantastic long weekend in the Frying Pan River Valley in Colorado for Bill & Andrea’s wedding. Stayed in a cabin on a guest ranch with four friends and had all kinds of fun hiking and enjoying the gorgeous sights.

-Surprised Danielle with a bachelorette party weekend in Philadelphia.

-Sorta surprised Danielle with a bridal shower tea party.
-Spent a weekend in Massachusetts with my family – saw my aunt from California, and met my cousin’s 5-month-old son.
-Attended Paul & Danielle’s wedding in sunny Florida and wished I was traveling less in October so I could have spent more time on the beach.
-Went to a roller derby bout that included a wedding during halftime.
-Attended ASIS&T 2008 in Columbus, OH.
-Found out my landlord hadn’t actually been paying utilities when the utility company came by with a pink slip. Almost immediately decided to move.

-Celebrated Obama’s election at Cafe Hon!
-Enjoyed Thanksgiving in Philadelphia with family.
-Found & leased a new apartment in my neighborhood.

-Moved. (With the help of no less than 7 amazing friends.)
Saw the best Christmas parade ever.
Went to a holiday party and recieved a bra in the white elephant exchange.
-Spent the Christmas holidays in Massachusetts.