Shrimp & Artichoke Pasta

Tonight’s dinner was completely delicious and super easy to make: I started from this recipe for Shrimp, Artichoke & Mushroom Pasta from Coconut & Lime. This is one of those dishes were you can really toss in the ingredients in whatever amount you like. I made just enough for one serving, with the following modifications:

-no mushrooms (don’t like ’em!)
-subbed kalamata olives for capers (the nice  briny, oily kind)
-subbed a dash of vegetable broth for white wine (didn’t have any)

I actually have some cream on hand, so I threw that in right at the end (though it occurs to me now that half and half would probably work well), then mixed in my pasta. The flavors were just right — lovely bright touches from the artichoke hearts and lemon juice, with a little bit of earthiness from the olives. I think this could easily be served at a dinner party — it comes together fast once you get things in the pan — perhaps with a grilled bruschetta on the side.