What I Ate – March 30

Dinner was a little later than usual tonight, but quite tasty, so it was worth the wait. (I should note dinner was later than usual because I had to go to the grocery store after work, not because it took a long time to prepare.)

I made this black bean soup recipe, fried up some chips and made some fresh-from-cans salsa.

The soup was good, but I need to figure out how to get the skins from the beans (I used dried) to disintegrate a bit more. I cooked them last night until they split, and then threw them in the soup today. But maybe they needed some more time. (Or maybe I need a more powerful immersion blender.) I also omitted the fried egg, but mostly just because I was already going to have enough non-dishwasher dishes. I’ll probably try that tomorrow night, since I’m curious. Next time I make black bean soup I’ll probably try another recipe just to compare, so if you have a favorite let me know. (Please note that if it involves a ham bone, it’s not happening.)

The chips were super-easy. I poured some vegetable oil in a skillet and used my handy thermometer to figure out when it was ready. Then all you have to do is watch them until they turn tortilla-chip colored (aka golden brown). I flipped them over, while they cooked, but I’m not even sure that’s necessary. Do make sure that you have some way to get the chips out of the oil safely and quickly. (I used a wide, round, flat slotted spoon.) I did three tortillas in three batches, and let the oil reheat a bit between the second and third.

The salsa is okay, definitely not one of my better efforts. It’s missing some bite, and since it’s not made with fresh tomatoes it does need that bite. I’m hoping it’ll improve overnight. What was really fun about making it, though, was I used the full-size food processor I got off of freecycle a few weeks ago. It was so nice (and so much less messy) to not have to do it in a zillion tiny batches in my two-cup food processor. It was also really great to be able to use that to chop up the onions for the black bean soup.

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  1. Are you philosophically anti-ham bone, or do you just not foresee yourself bothering with a ham anytime soon? Betty Crocker has a Cuban Black Bean soup recipe that has become a post-ham staple for me.

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