What a game

Last night the BU men’s hockey team won the NCAA Division I hockey championship. That’s our fifth NCAA title ever, and the thirty-fifth game we won this season, for a new record. WOOOHOOO! (The Terrier Hockey Fan Blog has a great rundown of the stats.)

Let me tell you, this was an awesome, well-fought, stressful game. To wit:

The Terriers needed an incredible comeback just to reach overtime, facing a two-goal deficit with a minute to go in the third period. With goalie Kieran Millan pulled for the extra attacker, Zach Cohen outmaneuvered a Miami defender and tucked in a low angle backhand shot from the left of the crease to begin the comeback, bringing the Terriers back within one with 59 seconds on the clock.

The equalizer came with 17 ticks to go. Senior Matt Gilroy passed up a shot to dish to Bonino who fired a one-timer from the right circle to tie the game.

From NEVER SAY DIE!: Terriers Capture National Title in OT Thriller

Did you notice that part where the goalie was pulled?! Whenever I see an empty net all I can think about are a game or two I saw in college when the opposing team pulled their goalie . . . and then we scored on them some more. Luckily the tactic worked. And the part where we scored two goals in something like 42 seconds to tie it up in the last minute of the third period? Talk about your last-minute comebacks.

I had a great time watching the game last night, but really wish I had been able to go somewhere with more alumni. I’m in Philadelphia for Easter weekend, and went to the alumni viewing party at a sports bar here. We had a nice big projection screen to watch the game on, but there were exactly four of us there who cared about the game (my friend and my friend’s classmate got into it a little bit, so maybe you could count them together as the fifth fan?). I really miss that energy of having a huge pack of people screaming obscenities and taunting the opponent’s goalie. Oh well. That’s what I get for moving away.

Watching this game and the semifinals on Thursday really reminded me how much I love watching hockey. Reading the blogs & news stories and watching the scores update online really doesn’t do it for me. I need to be able to see the games (at least some of them) to stay engaged with the season. (Same thing with the Sox.) I will have to figure something out for the fall so I can watch the few regular-season games that are televised. (This may involve getting over my natural resistance to ESPNZone. Or making a lot of phone calls to random bars.)