High speed photography

One of the things that I was really excited to do with my D40 was start taking it to roller derby bouts and see if I can’t get some halfway decent shots. I brought it with me when Gotham Girls Roller Derby and Pike’s Peak Derby Dames came to town last weekend for a double-header with the Charm City Roller Girls All Stars.


It was super fun, but as I said to a friend later in the week, it was definitely an exercise in not having any idea what I’m doing (and possibly not having good enough equipment). I did play around with a bunch of different settings and it was interesting to see how the resulting photos changed, but only a few of them fell into the “well, I guess it’s not awful” category. If you click through, you may note that those photos share a theme of . . . derby girls not moving. Right. Because it’s such a stationary game.

The bout against Gotham was hands-down the most intense bout I have ever seen, and I have seen many. There was so much screaming and cheering, it was amazing. As fits the current #1 team in the East, the Gotham women are hard. core. skaters. The strategy and the speed was amazing, and CCRG (#4) put up a good fight. We lost in the end, but somehow still managed to have enough energy left to defeat Pikes Peak (#3 in the West). A lot of the bouts I’ve been to recently have just been blowouts where CCRG just skates the opposing team into a sweaty, uncoordinated mess. (Which is not surprising when you’re pitting our all stars against an emerging or smaller league’s B team.) It was nice to see a couple of games where the matchup was better and there was a bit more of a competition. Yes, past a certain point it was clear we were not going to win against Gotham, but that didn’t mean that it was any less exciting.

The Pike’s Peak game was interesting. It was clear that if we hadn’t just played Gotham it would have been a very uneven matchup, so I think it was good that we played Pike’s Peak second. That game was less exciting (and in fact people started leaving in the middle of it), but I was just amazed that CCRG could play another bout immediately. Just goes to show you why everyone should love their local roller girl.

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  1. See, the second game was more interesting to me because we weren’t getting our asses whipped. Or maybe I had started to understand the game by then.

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