Crumpler 4 Million Dollar Home

Immediately after getting my D40, I started looking into camera bags. I knew I wanted something that didn’t scream “I’m carrying expensive photographic equipment, please mug me,” so that limited my choices a bit. The bags that were mentioned the most and seemed to, on the whole, have the best reviews were made by Crumpler. Their line of camera bags are called the Million Dollar Homes, and they range from the One Million Dollar Home to the Seven Million Dollar home, with the size increasing as you go up. (They also make all kinds of bags for laptops & other equipment. Here is their non-Flash product site.)

One of the pitfalls of not having a car in this city is it’s difficult to comparison shop for this kind of thing — I wasn’t able to go around and actually see the bags and see how large or small they were — I just relied on all of the online reviews I could Google, which of course all contradicted one another regarding whether or not people felt they could fit what they wanted to in the bag. Between differences in camera and lens sizes and personal differences in whatever other junk we all carry with us, you can see the problem. I eventually narrowed it down to the 3 Million Dollar Home. This turned out to be too small — I could jam just about everything I wanted to in there, but it was difficult to get things in and out on the fly. I sent that back and upgraded to the 4 Million Dollar Home, which is better, though still not quite ideal. Part of the problem is getting into the pockets (on the small side to begin with): the bag is so stiff and well-padded that there’s not quite enough give to get into some of them. Ultimately I decided that a) I could live with this, b) the 5 Million Dollar Home is way too big anyway and c) I didn’t want to waste any more time and money on repeated returns to and new purchases from Amazon.

Here’s my Amazon review if you’re interested in what else I have to say on this bag. Despite how much I hate carrying more than one bag if I am just out and about, I may wind up having to also carry a small purse for things like sunglasses, phone, etc. sometimes. (That or maybe get a neoprene case so I can put it in a tote bag or something. It occurs to me now that perhaps I should have done this to begin with. Too bad I only just thought of it right now.)

This also seems like a great opportunity to note that I also picked up a new strap for the camera from the splityarn shop. I’m very happy with this — in addition to the obvious fun of having a neat strap, it’s softer on my neck than the Nikon strap (that was really what made me able to justify the purchase — the Nikon strap uncomfortably rubbed on my neck). It’s very sturdy and well-made, so I have no fears of it falling apart and wrecking my camera. She ships fast and I got a lovely little package from her, so I highly recommned the shop. (Bostonians, she lives in town so keep an eye out for her at craft fairs.)