At some point (recently? I have no idea) some of the settings regarding comments changed, and if you tried to comment on this blog you got a WordPress login box, which didn’t work for any of you since none of you have an account on my blog. (Since I host this, not WordPress, your login would not have worked either.) That has been fixed. Providing that the email address you enter with your comment has been used on my blog before, the comment should automatically post. (If you haven’t used the address you input to comment here previously, I’ll have to approve the comment.)

This has happened before–the settings seem to change, without any action from me. If you ever go to leave a comment and something funky happens, please do let me know as I have no real way of knowing if anything is wrong unless someone tells me. (After all, it’s not like I get enough comments that a few days without any signifies anything.) Thanks to Abby for the heads up this time!