Sewing Project: Pillowcases

Last night I whipped up a set of pillowcases for myself. And I do mean whipped up, this took me about 90 minutes start to finish, and will take me even less than that next time around. (There were some mess-ups. Sewing seems to bring out my problems with things like geometry and spatial relations.) The fabric is Michael Miller Pod Ditz Espresso and Pod Posey Multi, which makes for a very fun, yet not too crazy, set.

I started with this pattern, mostly because I figured that someone, somewhere had already figured out the measurements. It’s a very simple pattern with nice clear diagrams, and it works with the size of the fabric so that there’s not a lot of measuring and cutting.
I’ll start with this next time, but with a couple of changes. The first is that I’ll cut off the selvages before I start sewing. Giggle if you must but I figured that I would easily enough be able to make sure that the selvage fell outside the seam, but that proved trickier than I thought, so I had to re-sew a couple of seams. That’s easily enough avoided by just cutting it off to begin with (and anyway, I cut it off afterwards), and I don’t think that it will make the pillowcase too small.

I also want to find a way to finish off the inside seams, especially the one where the two fabrics are joined. One option is to add some width to the side panel when it’s cut, so that the cut edges can be ironed under before stitching the side panel to the main panel. I would probably sandwich the main panel between those two edges, and just topstitch everything together. That, or perhaps some bias tape stitched over the raw edges. (You can make your own with a little thingamabobber, but I will just do this!) I actually don’t consider these two quite finished, as I haven’t finished the edges yet. Yes, there is really no need to finish the edges nicely, unless you too channel your perfectionist tendencies into your crafting and cooking so as not to harm innocent bystanders. Unless they are a gift, in which case I can’t imagine giving someone something with raw seams like that (even if you do pink them or stitch over the edge with a zigzag.) It is Just Not Done.

Which reminds me, if you are opposed to charmingly mis-matched/semi-coordinated linens you’ll want to let me know. I am not a matchy-matchy kind of girl, so I plan to use these with my existing sheets, which they don’t match at all, and with a to-be-purchased set of plain beige sheets.