Perfect Box Pouch

Perfect Box Pouch
Perfect Box Pouch

Yesterday, while I was trapped inside my apartment before the local geek squad moved in to save the day (well, the evening), I made the cutest little box bag you have ever seen from this tutorial.

The fabric is from the Cherry Tart fat quarter pack at Spool Sewing. I forgot to jot down the fabric name & maker from the selvage (I think this one had it, some others from the pack did not), I will update that when I can. (ETA 8/2: Westminster Fabrics Strawberry Sunshine.) The lining is a plain beige shirting that I had leftover from the lining of the teal skirt.

The bag is small — the final dimensions are 5″ x 3″ x 2″; as my friend Julie pointed out, it is just the right size to throw in your purse or tote bag to corral whatever needs to be corralled. It’s also a great size to be a small cosmetics case or even something for dry snacks. Right now I am using it to take my makeup and travel deodorant to and from work.

This project was very easy, and is good practice for sewing in zippers if you need that. The only change I made to the pattern was in the interfacing I used. The medium weight that I had bought seemed way too stiff. So, I used the lightweight fusible interfacing I already had on hand, and just fused a piece of that to the backside of each piece of fabric (including the lining). It is keeping its shape nicely.

This would be very easy to size up. Given that I cut off about 2″ of usable zipper from my 12″ zipper (which means you could just buy a 10″ zipper to start), I could probably size this up to a finished product of about 7″ long by . . . um . . . figuring out the rest of these dimensions is not as easy as I thought it would be. Let’s just say it would be bigger. Other possible variations include adding a handle (just at the seams running up and down one corner) or lining it in something water-resistant to really make a snack pouch out of it. Or if you could find something water proof, then you could make a nice travel toiletries case or a bag for a damp swimsuit. (Although since there are raw edges showing on the inside, that might be a little tricky — you’d have to fiddle around covering them, or figure out how to sew the lining and outside separately, so you could then somehow magically flip it all around and sew a seam or two and have all the raw edges hidden. For me that would require another tutorial or pattern because I can’t see how to do that.)

One last note: this does not use much fabric at all. It calls for four 8″x6″ rectangles. I think you could probably get three of them out of two fat quarters (or one fat quarter and leftover fabric from previous projects). That makes it pretty cheap — the zipper was under $2, and given that I think I could get two more out of the fat quarter I used, that makes the fabric for the outside come in at less than $1. The interfacing and lining fabric I already had on hand from a previous project, but it uses so little that it barely counts. So this probably cost me something like $4 to make, if that. The cost would only increase by a little bit by making it bigger.