A Day in the Life

So last week, there was this whole Day in the Life of a Library thing happening that I had no idea about until I saw a couple of librarians posting on it last week. I haven’t been doing much that’s very exciting lately, but on Wednesday I thought that I would keep track of what I did and post it. This week I have actually pretty busy, but that’s partially because I was out on Thursday and Friday, and partially because the head of my department is pulling together our annual report, and needed various writeups from us by Friday.

Wednesday, July 29:


  • Left for work sometime shortly before 8. Picked up on the way by coworker driving by. Arrive 30 minutes early as a result. Yeah! Change out of walking gear and freshen up.
  • Open Outlook, wait for it to connect to Exchange Server and demand password. Twiddle thumbs.
  • Respond to an email about School of Pharmacy Orientation; wind up setting meeting for late in the afternoon. Make sure to mention (nicely) that I have to go at 4:30.
  • Chitchat with a coworker about nothing much for a while.
  • Create & finalize schedule for library instruction sessions tied to 200-level English Lit courses at Loyola. Add to the Google calendar we use for room reservations, along with two unrelated sessions someone else has scheduled but not entered. Write up instruction sheets and file them into the binder.
  • Did a couple of hours on the reference desk. Gave someone some ideas for how to find out about good neighborhoods to move to in another city, since she couldn’t visit. Gave a dude a golf pencil. Transferred a faculty caller to acquisitions.
  • Finish off reference desk schedule for next week & send out to ref desk staff.

Time for lunch! Fourth PB&J of the week (had two yesterday, I know I know).

  • Had trouble re-focusing after lunch.
  • Proofread a handout for a colleague.
  • Snacktime: greek yogurt with cherries.
  • Replied to an email from the prof whose English Lit course came in last night for a library session. Told me three students will contact me because they missed it (there’s a required assignment that goes with the library session). Told him that if he was willing I would gladly see those students past the due date for the assignment, since I am only available to them 1.5 days before it’s due (he was already aware of that, but it seemed unfair to the students).
  • Replied to an email from a student who missed last night’s library session for his English Lit course. Felt bad that there are only 1.5 days in which he can come by to meet with me and still hand the assignment in on time.
  • Tried to find something to occupy myself for 20 minutes before I had to go to my meeting.
  • Headed up to CND to meet about upcoming Pharmacy student orientation. Wondered why they didn’t just ask to meet at the library since at the end of the meeting they want to come down here anyway. Realized that if I had thought of this earlier I could have made the suggestion.
  • Meeting starts 10 minutes late, even though everyone is there. I immediately spill my water bottle all over the table, luckily only the table got wet.
  • Only about half the meeting pertained to me. In the end we didn’t wind up going back down to the library. But, got everything straightened out and everyone on the same page.
  • Got back to my office with enough time to check email, set out of office reply and change the message on my voicemail.

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