CSA weeks 6, 7, 8

Oops, fell a little behind.

Week 6:

I got a head of green cabbage (I still have half of it, I’m hoping it’ll continue to keep) and a bunch of arugula. The arugula I used in salads. With the cabbage I made a lentil dish from the NY Times that I did not find to be particularly good. It also didn’t keep very well for leftovers or lunches.

Week 7:

I picked up some cucumbers, some of which I shared with Joelle and Jesse. (The other I just ate on a salad and then plain). I believe I also got a head of green leaf lettuce, which just went into a couple of salads before it went kinda bad and I wound up throwing some of it away because it tasted funny.

Week 8:

We split part of the share. I have two ears of corn, some shallots, and a smallish eggplant. No real plans for any of that yet as I still have some leftover veggies I need to hurry through first. Suggestions for the eggplant are welcome, as I don’t often cook with it for some reason.

Weeks 7 and 8 I also picked up a few other fruits and veggies at the market. Right now I have some pickling cucumbers that I plan to make fridge pickles with, and I’ve got two quarts of bluberries hanging out in my freezer. I plan to bust out some cobblers with them in the fall and winter. I also have a whole bunch of roma tomatoes, a couple of bell peppers and some red potatoes. I don’t know what the deal is with those, but they started to go bad, which really surprised me. As a result I threw one away, threw away a bunch of pieces of three others, and what remained is now diced and sitting in a tupperware full of water in my fridge. I may just make a big batch of hash browns and have that for breakfast this week. I also have a zucchini and two summer squash that have seen better days. I am hoping they are still good enough that I can saute them up for lunches early this week.

One thought on “CSA weeks 6, 7, 8

  1. Well for the eggplant I suggest you stop getting eggplant because it’s gross.

    As for the potatoes, they’re probably going bad because at this point they’re probably old already. I’m betting they were grown last fall/winter and have been in cold storage. It’s not exactly potato season at this point.

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