The Month in Books: July

As always, reviews lead to (As a side note, you’ll only see my review if you’re logged in. Every so often I toy with the idea of also posting the individual reviews here, but I just hate that kind of duplication.)

In theory I have also been hacking my way through Infinite Jest since mid-June. According to the Infinite Summer schedule, I should be on page 537 (halfway through). In reality I think I might be on page 85. I pick it up now and again out of a sense of duty, but it has not yet gotten compelling for me. I am getting close to giving up, but I feel like if I do I should give David Foster Wallace another chance. I have also read “Brief Interviews with Hideous Men” (at least in part) and all I recall is that I didn’t like it. Any suggestions? I am thinking maybe his nonfiction and I might get along better.