Black Bean Soup Redux

A few months ago I made a black bean soup recipe that turned out OK, but I wasn’t thrilled with it. I recently came across another one that sounded even better, and boy am I glad I tried it. Absolutely delicious.

I really didn’t make any modifications to this recipe for Spicy, Citrusy Black Beans. I used dried sage instead of fresh, but I think that’s it. The nice thing about this recipe is it gives you some ingredient options to control the heat from the get-go. I halved the recipe, which was really only three lunch servings for me, but I forced it to stretch into four. So, keep that in mind. I made a point of keeping the citrus & vinegar mix separate and adding it in to each serving as I was about to heat it up, and I think that helped. Mixing in flavors like that too far ahead of time will deaden them.

One drawback was that this took a long time to cook, even with a long pre-soak of the beans. But that meant that unlike last time, the beans were thoroughly cooked, nice and soft but not mushy. Just about perfect really. (So I guess the real lesson here is “cook the beans for a long time, dumbass, and go eat something else if you are hungry.”)

I will definitely make this again, but I think I will try to convert it for the crock pot. Obviously you will still have to saute the peppers and whatnot and then add them in, but most of the cook time is just to soften the beans and let the flavors mix. You could probably soak and cook the beans one day (steps 1 & 2), and then pick up with step 3 the next morning and then leave it to finish cooking during the day. This would also help keep the liquid from evaporating away — I found that I had to add a significant amount of water midway through. (That said it is just hitting me now that this isn’t a *soup* recipe per se, though that is how I think of it.)

Overall I highly recommend this, I think it was a great main dish but could also make a tasty side. It’s also pretty easy & cheap to make for a crowd. (And it’s vegan, which is a good thing if you have veggie friends.)