Bibs and Burp Cloths

My friends Maya and Ian are expecting, and the baby shower was yesterday. That means I can now safely blog about this project, since they have been gifted away. As I am once again too impatient to deal with getting photos into this post (shakes fist at flickr manager plugin), go ahead and click here to see them.

Since my knitting mojo has been on hiatus for the last several months, I knew that deciding to knit something for their baby would not be a wise choice. Instead I thought I would sew up some bibs and burp cloths, as I have heard that you can never have enough of them.

The burp cloths were just from a tutorial I found online. There are tons and tons of them, and after looking around for quite a while I randomly settled on this one. I had originally been thinking I would just decorate some cloth diapers with fabric, since those would be quite absorbent, but then I got all caught up in reading reviews of them on Amazon and couldn’t figure out which ones were best. So, I went with this project. I picked out two fun prints and three colors of cotton flannel to back them, and I made a total of four burp cloths.

The bibs are from Bend-the-Rules Sewing, a fantastic book that I highly recommend. It is full of fun, cute projects for yourself, your house, and the little kids around you. The bibs were my first project out of the book, and they came out well. I do recommend following the pattern exactly and cutting the fronts and backs of the bibs together. I didn’t — I just cut all my tops and then all my bottoms — and it was a little difficult to match things up. The bibs were a bit challenging because of the curves, but I persevered and I think they will hold up. The only modification I made was to use fusible velcro instead of snaps. I made a total of six.

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