Apple Cider Muffins

The weather has started to edge into fall, which means at night I start getting cravings for tea and carbs. So, when I spotted this Apple Cider Muffin recipe on Serious Eats, I knew I needed to kick off my muffin baking season with them. I picked up some cider and some stayman apples and got to work.

I’ve started doing a monthly brunch with a small group of friends, and so I doubled the recipe because I wanted to have a stash for a muffin bar brunch that I’m planning to do this winter. The recipe came together quite easily (though shredding the apples is a bit messy) and I filled my two standard muffin tins . . . and had only used up half the batter. I put the rest into my Texas muffin tins, but they also provide instructions on baking the batter into bread. (When I just went back to the recipe, I noticed that someone else said they wound up with twice as many muffins as they expected.) So, be ready with extra baking apparatus if you make these.

Despite the fact that I burned the muffins a bit by turning the oven up too high (it runs cold, and I turned it up to 50 degrees higher than I wanted, rather than the 25 degrees that is generally what wokrs), they’re quite delicious. Especially when microwaved — they apple has kind of melted away into the batter, and they’re sweet and rich and almost buttery. I will definitely be making these again, though I probably won’t double the recipe!