How is it already nearly November?

You can tell it’s been a busy fall semester because all the posts are about my CSA pickups or are belated reports on what little I have managed to read before falling asleep. Some of these things I had intended to blog about, but since that’s clearly not going to happen, here’s a rundown of life so far this fall:

  • I’ve really been enjoying my Android phone (I did the early adopter thing and got a TMobile MyTouch 3G the day they came out). I do intend to write up a separate post about that, so that’s all for now.
  • I hurt my back by bending over to pick up a piece of paper. (FAIL.) It’s better now, but that was not a pleasant couple of weeks.
  • I got a cat. She is full of WIN.
  • I went to my friend’s house to watch The Princess Bride outside on a huge movie screen he made.
  • I went to Gertrude’s with Liz for $12-entree-night and had an amazing cocktail dreamed up (literally) by a fun bartender: Hendrick’s, muddled with basil and lime, topped with basil sorbet.
  • I started doing a small monthly brunch gathering at my apartment. In September, I served up a waffle bar; for October I made these yummy muffins along with a quiche lorraine.
  • Got tickets from the Baseball Nun and enjoyed great seats for a September Red Sox game (log in for friends-only photos).
  • I started getting back into yoga and have been to a couple of great classes at Baltimore Yoga Village.
  • I missed both the September and October book club outings to Abbey Burger Bistro because I had to cover the reference desk. Grr.
  • I skipped the CCRG season playoffs…
  • …but I bought a 3-day VIP pass for WFTDA National Championships in Philadelphia in November.
  • I ate lots of good German food and drank lots of good German beer at an Oktoberfest party.
  • I went to Super Art Fight 5 to heckle my friend the webcomic artist. (I feel so cool!)
  • I saw a matinee of Whip It the weekend it was released. Awesome!
  • My first Ren Faire! So fun.
  • For Baltimore Beer Week, I went to the Brewer’s Art and then to The Wine Market, where I enjoyed a three-course meal paired with Dogfish Head beers.
  • Got tickets to attend Red Hot Hockey at Madison Square Garden after Thanksgiving.
  • I opened my Twitter account, so my tweets are no longer private. So far, so good.
  • I went to Philly for less than 24 hours for a surprise retirement party.
  • While I was gone, my cat escaped.
  • I found her(!) and she seems to be fine.

And, that brings us to today. On the work front, there have been many weeks of a different work schedule nearly every day. Partially due to teaching (22 classes since September 1) and partially due to covering the reference desk while other people (who teach way more than I do) are teaching. Event reservations exploded this semester, so that kept me quite busy for the first month or so of the semester. In addition, I chaired a committee for creation of our new strategic plan (meetings meetings meetings ugh) and played Vanna White when setting up and training folks on libraryh3lp, which is another thing I intend to do a separate post about.

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