Looking back at 2009

Rather than make resolutions, last year I came up with a loose list of goals for 2009. I thought it would be good to revisit them and see what happened.

Explore B-More
I did manage to get to a couple more museums — the Aquarium and the Science Museum in particular. I missed the Kinetic Sculpture Race again, and really didn’t make it to any of the ethnic festivals. They always seemed to be happening all on the same weekend, when I was already busy. However, I did luck out in that on the weekend of ArtScape the heat was somewhat reasonable, so I did make it out to that for a while.

More Mid-Atlantic Travel
I did a bit better on this. I went to Ocean City, MD, for the MLA Annual Conference, and I went to DC for the Cherry Blossom Festival, where I also checked out the Library of Congress. And of course I went back and forth to Philadelphia several times. But I still haven’t seen parts of the state west of Baltimore, which I would really like to do. Maybe this year?

Buy a DSLR and learn to use it
I got my Nikon D40 early in the year, and have had a lot of fun with it. But I haven’t learned anything at all about shooting in manual mode, other than that it’s not going to be something that I can teach myself.

Get to Camden Yards for Multiple Sox Games
Check! And thanks to the Baseball Nun, I have a line on an easy way to get great seats at a discount.

Go to the Farmer’s Market more often
This was super easy, since I split a farm share with Paul and Danielle — we had to go every weekend for several months to pick up our veggies. I miss the influx of good veggies.

More Adventurous Cooking
The farm share definitely helped with this — I was able to try some vegetables I hadn’t had before. And I did do a lot with beans and grains. I even started trying to make bread!

I didn’t really get anywhere with this until the fall, when I started doing a monthly brunch with a group of four. I also had a bunch of people over to watch the Mayor’s Christmas Parade. This has proven to be really fun and will continue.

Continue Keeping a Close Eye on Finances
Easy-peasy. This is just part of the way I run my life now.

I quickly stopped keeping track of what I was drinking, and I never did get around to reading anything to educate myself. But I did continue drinking all kinds of interesting things, and reading bits and pieces here and there online.

3 thoughts on “Looking back at 2009

  1. Really like catching up with all your happenings. Great idea on not making resolutions. I stopped that years ago because I just disappointed myself! 🙂 I’m going to steal your idea of 2010 Goals and see what happens–cool idea. I also like your recipe sidebar–especially since I love soup. Hopefully they aren’t too hard to make; think I’ll start with the Leek and Lemon! Recommendation: When you visit Annapolis…don’t go end of April – beg of May…its a madhouse due to Academy grad! Ciao for now.

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