Looking forward to 2010

Based on the 2009 recap you can probably guess what some of my 2010 goals are without even reading this. But I’m doing it anyway, mostly for myself. This year it’s a shorter list, as some of the things from last year (changes in how I’m eating and things like that) are just how I do things now.

More Mid-Atlantic travel
Too bad Mobile, AL isn’t the Mid-Atlantic, because I’m going there next month! Maybe this year I will try to talk some folks into a trip to Annapolis or something.

Start learning how to use my D40 in manual mode
Still trying to figure out the best way to do this. I’m hoping a summer session class at Notre Dame might be a possibility. We’ll see.

I didn’t knit much this year, partially because I got a sewing machine in the spring and was using that a bunch, and partially because I had two sweater projects that both stalled out. But I think Mom was hoping for another pair of socks for her birthday, and one corner of my living room is dedicated to yarn. So I’m going to try and focus on smaller projects that are finished more quickly, and don’t have the issues of “does this fit and does it look good?” that a sweater has.

See Foxie Renard in action!
Last year some other things came up, and in the end I didn’t make it up to Providence to see Foxie skate. This year, however, I am going to make it happen. And I need to take a flight on Southwest by July in order to get a free round-trip, so this seems like a perfect excuse.

Go on a freakin’ date.
Hello, Internet dating. Nice to see you again (I think?).

5 thoughts on “Looking forward to 2010

  1. I’d be happy to show you the basics of how to use your camera in manual mode, neighbor! 🙂

  2. Once I get a job I think all of us old SnBers from GSLIS should take a trip somewhere. Somewhere kinda central like Nashville (which is a most AWESOME town) that way I can say I’m doing more exploration of this side of the country.

  3. I’d be up for Annapolis, too, but would agree with Danielle. I also really want to visit St. Micheal’s.

    I was thinking of trying to get a craft circle going again. What do you think?

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