Knitting? What's that?

One of the things I want to do this year is get my knitting and crocheting mojo back — I barely did any last year. To get myself started, over Christmas I cast on for a simple roll-brim hat, using some leftover wool. The recipe came from Last-Minute Knitted gifts, and was a quick and easy knit. I used Malabrigo (Marron Oscuro) and made a few thin stripes with Rio de la Plata (Burgundy). Then I came back from the holidays and ignored it until a few days ago. It turned out pretty well, though I think it’s a smidge small for me. I will probably give this to someone, but I’m not sure who yet. Feel free to lobby for your cold head.

Another step towards working on some new projects has been to unravel two sweaters that have been stalling out and preventing me from working on anything else. I have officially given up on the Icelandic Turtleneck from the Crochet Me book, as well as the February Lady cardigan I had started.

The pullover had been giving me lots of trouble — I think it’s a project that really relies on using the yarn that’s called for (what I picked wasn’t as stretchy) and I was also having trouble getting it to fit correctly. There was lots of ripping back and re-doing in this project, and ultimately I just wasn’t happy with how it was going. So, that’s all unraveled.

As for the February Lady, I didn’t get very far, but the neckline didn’t seem right — it seemed like it was too big when I rested it on my shoulders. I haven’t unraveled that yet, but that will be next.

Over Christmas, I trolled through Ravelry looking for smaller projects to use up this yarn, and over this weekend I paged through all my books and magazines and did the same. I found a few possibilities for the yarns from these projects. In terms of the rest of my stash, I think the 10 skeins of mystery bamboo yarn I purchased a couple of years ago will go up for sale. At this point I’m clearly not going to knit a sweater with it. The rest of the yarn I have is primarily odds and ends leftover from projects, and a few random single skeins — two of sock yarn, and some of aran and chunky wool that I’ve never been sure what to do with.

But before I start anything new, I want to finish the armwarmers that I started last year. The first one is nearly done — it’s up to the thumb opening. Now I just need to figure out exactly how I’m going to work the rest of it, since I’m not following the pattern that I started out with for this project.

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