Co-Op 2010: Weeks 1-3

This year, as last, the Mill Valley General Store is offering a co-op that works similar to a CSA. You pay in advance, and each week for a set amount of time (13 weeks in this case) you get a variety of items. Much as we did with the CSA, I’m splitting a share with Paul and Danielle. We opted for the full share, which means that each week we get four produce items and two “value-added” items to split between ourselves. Here’s what I’ve gotten so far, in various quantities shared between us:

Week 1
Onions, potatoes, grapefruit, ground bison, apple cider.

Week 2
Cabbage, carrots, oranges, butter.

Week 3
Apples, beets, turnips (which I thought were parsnips, oops), yogurt.

Week 4
Boston lettuce, sweet potatoes, sausages, rutabagas, yogurt.

Week 5
Bacon, lettuce, eggs, cinnamon raisin bread, red potatoes, oranges.

This obviously differs from a CSA in that not all of this is grown locally — the citrus comes up from Uncle Matt’s Organic Farm in Florida; the yogurt came from a dairy in New Jersey. The bison comes from Gunpowder Bison in MD. But just like with a CSA, I love that it forces me to try new things and search out new recipes, some of which I hope to share here soon.

2 thoughts on “Co-Op 2010: Weeks 1-3

  1. Yeah, that looks fabulous. What have you done w/ the bison? Bill and I actually found that for the price and politics it is better for us to buy bison than beef at Stop ‘n Shop…oh and I really really like bison burgers.

  2. We tried bison for the first time last week. We got it at the local farmer’s market (from Gunpowder Bison, actually). We buy meat so rarely, we sprung for a ribeye. I enjoyed it, but didn’t think it was really worth the cost. How was the ground bison?

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