Corn Salad

With the delicious arrival of Eastern Shore corn a couple of weeks ago, I decided to try out this Grilled Corn Salad recipe. Because I wanted it to serve as lunches for a week, I originally planned to serve it over rice, but in the end I was too tired and hot and never made the rice — which was just fine, becauseĀ I’m not sure the rice really would have worked in the end.

Naturally, I did make some changes. To get four nice lunch entrees out of it, I took the kernels from five ears of corn, and added in a can of (drained, rinsed) black beans. I also diced a tomato and threw that in. It’s a delicious salad, but could have benefited from some additional, more bright or intense flavor. So, if you do like I do and don’t put in a lot of heat in the way of peppers (I used one small jalapeno, diced fine), it might be nice to add a coupe of dollops of salsa to each serving, or perhaps amp up the dressing a bit.

I did the stove top version and my corn really didn’t brown at all. What seemed to happen was that the outer layers of the kernels just bonded to the cast iron, creating this crust between the corn and the pan. As a result the squash really didn’t brown either, but to me it was still just fine — I would even venture to say that if you’re making this on the stove top, just brown the squash and don’t bother doing anything to the corn.

Really this is one of those recipes that you can doctor up any which way you like, and it’s very easy to control how much of it you make. I’m not convinced it’d be that good with frozen corn, so I think this is one that I’ll reserve for the summer, when I get get the main star of the show fresh at the farmer’s market.

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  1. Love the recipe! I have something similar that I made last year but it involved sour cream as a dressing base and since dairy and I have had to break up (::sob::) this is a perfect alternative. Getting corn in today’s farm share, too, so I’ll be making it this weekend!

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