Recent Recipes

Here’s another roundup of things I’ve cooked recently. Since I don’t have the constant influx of produce from the CSA and going to the market every weekend, what I’m trying to do is cook from recipes I’ve already found, for the most part. So I’m digging through my delicious bookmarks and poking around in my recipes-clipped-from-magazines, as well as my cookbooks. So far this is going pretty well. Not all of the recipes I’ve listed below fall into this category, but a good number of them were ones I already had saved somewhere.

Whole Wheat Molasses Bread: This is super easy and incredibly delicious, which to me means two things: 1) a well-stocked pantry has everything necessary, which means you can have this any time you want 2) it’s so yummy that you can totally take it someplace and impress people who need to be impressed. I am starting to make a mental catalog of these kinds of recipes.

Butternut Squash Galette: Made for Danielle & Paul’s annual New Year’s Eve/Birthday Bash. Very yummy and well received. I did think that the squash came out a little mushy; if you slice them thin enough (I have a mandoline), I’m wondering if you really even need to roast them initially.

Jalapeno Pepper Jack Scones: Easy and yummy, a nice kick but not overwhelming. Yet another delicious recipe from Joy the Baker. Not only can this woman bake but I love reading her blog, she just kind of lets it all hang out in a way that is completely endearing and honest. Sounds like she’s writing a cookbook, can’t wait to get my hands on it!

Honey Toasted Fruit Muesli: Now a staple in the breakfast rotation. The 3/4 cup of fruit doesn’t seem like quite enough, so I tend to throw in a little more. The current combination is cranberries, apricots and dates, all chopped fine. Right now I’m eating this warm, heated up with an equivalent amount of milk.

Having finally manged to get my hands on some udon, I also enjoyed a few bowls of udon soup, adapted from several different recipes, but the main inspiration was this one: this recipe. I simmered the broth with a bay leaf and a couple of cloves (noted somewhere as an OK substitute for star anise), as well as some minced garlic and ginger. Then I substituted tofu for the egg, and drizzled some toasted sesame oil on top when I served it. I found it quite yummy, and it was a nice quick meal to cook for dinner.

Smoky Sweet Potato Chicken Stoup: I find Rachel Ray annoying to watch, but her food is pretty good, and this was actually really good. After overcooking a vegetable soup the week before, I paid close attention to cooking times and doneness, and this came out great. The leftovers held up really well and it had a nice kick from the chipotle in adobo.

Meatball Lasagna: Yes, you read that right. You make meatballs, then you put them into lasagna. Lots of work, but it looked really neat, and you can make the meatballs ahead of time, then just assemble the lasagna. The recipe calls for you to break the meatballs up — I tried to just break them in half, but I think if you were to make them a little smaller than called for, you could avoid that altogether. This was a big hit with my family as our Christmas day dinner.

Provencal Style Macaroni and Cheese: Comfort food, classed up a little bit so you feel OK about serving your main man an enormous bowl of mac & cheese for dinner. (In my defense, I did have salad. I just forgot to put it out.)

I also recently made a really great pear & ginger muffin recipe, which I think was torn out of an old issue of Martha Stewart Living. I think this recipe is pretty similar.

Barbecue Chicken Pizza: I want more of this just thinking about it.

Oh, and I don’t know if I ever blogged this one, but I made this Baked Artichoke Dip for a late Halloween party, and I don’t think anyone could tell it wasn’t the usual calorie-bomb. Very yummy.

And as one last side note: I don’t often buy salad dressing, I usually do oil & vinegar or I’ll make small batches of my own dressing. But every once in a while I’ll pick up a bottle, and I recently grabbed Brianna’s Home Style Real French Vinaigrette, which is just deliciously tangy.