What's interesting today

Oxford American: Who Are You and What Are You Doing Here?

This is an excellent essay, well worth taking the time to read. The author explains why students today should push themselves to get more out of their education than what is offered on the surface. Go and read it, my blurbing it here cannot possibly do it justice. Just trust me that if you believe at all that people should pursue what they’re interested in, not what will pay the bills, you will appreciate this piece.

newsobserver.com: Duke to expand e-books

Duke, Cornell, Hopkins and Emory have collaborated to find a way to provide access to orphan works — books published between 1923 and 1963, which are still under copyright restrictions but the author is deceased and/or the publishing company has gone out of business, and the current holder of the copyright cannot be determined. I really like the sounds of this plan, and I hope to see more programs and initiatives like this.

The Chronicle Review: The Literature Cure

Another great essay, though shorter than the first one I mentioned, covering the why we read and write, from a very personal perspective.

The Chronicle Brainstorm: Epic Failure in Covering College, Punk Rock

A response to one of the articles I posted yesterday — the one profiling some recent college grads who are struggling. The author here points out that one of the women in the story is in a really highly-regarded band and is in actuality probably not that badly off.