What's interesting today

Library Journal: The Evolving Book Group: New Formats Mean More Engagement
There are two takeaways here. One, libraries probably need to rebrand away from “place where books live” to “place where interesting and stimulating things happen.” And two, when you are planning programs you need to make sure you take into consideration what your core audience wants and needs. There are a couple of key anecdotes in this story that really emphasize that.

The Chronicle Wired Campus: Trading in ‘.edu’ for ‘.com’
Brief blurb on the implications of using .edu vs .com domains. I had no idea that there was a “one per institution” rule for the .edu domain.

The Chronicle: With Cheating Only a Click Away, Professors Reduce Incentive
It had never occurred to me before reading this article that students would cheat with clickers. Duh.

The shortlist is out for the 2011 Man Booker Prize
I’ve read a couple of prize winners in the last couple of years, and enjoyed them. One of my book clubs picks a theme each year, prizewinners might be a good one for next year.

PsycINFO News: Meet Alison Cody
Oh hai, new girl.