What's interesting today

School Library Journal: Not Fade Away: Ten years after 9/11, how do you teach kids about a tragedy they can’t remember?
A brief look at how attitudes about a tragedy change as it recedes into the past. Personally, I still feel heartsick when I see images from 9/11 and the aftermath. But I’d never thought about how, much like the World Wars and other wars and conflicts, this is being taught as history now, and that there’s going to be an ever-growing number of people who don’t feel any real connection to these events.

ProfHacker: Your Research Variable Solved: LibX
My friend Cindy wrote this article! This is the fun part of having friends in academia, they show up in cool places like Chronicle blogs. Anyway, here Cindy is highlighting a great research tool, LibX. This is a browser add-on that essentially enables you to access your library’s holdings from anywhere on the web. So next time you find an interesting sounding article linked in footnotes on Wikipedia, you could quickly find out if your institution has a subscription to the journal.

And in news unrelated to the news, I’m officially going to Internet Librarian 2011. Very excited! Going to such a techie conference is making me really, really want an iPad. Maybe I should come up with an estimate of the number of trips and conferences I’ll be taking in the next year or so and see what the per-trip cost would be. Hmm…